Students’ Comments

“I wanted to reach out and thank you and Ned for all of the work you put into the course! I passed my exam with an 89 today and many of the questions were almost verbatim to what Ned taught. Thank you again!” – R.M.

“I passed the exam on Friday! I will be signing up for the Business Building Webinar this week.  Thanks so much for your patience and kindness.”  R.H.

“I passed! ? Thank you both for all of your help, I would not have been able to do this without this course.” –  L.D.

“I have passed the state exam. My score was 83%. The course materials, and especially the 5th Ed Test, really helped out a lot!! Thanks so much. I will definitely take additional classes from you all in the near future. Thank you both for your support!” –  C.H.

“I just wanted to let you both know that I passed the State Board Test this morning. I couldn’t have done it without the teaching from you, Ned, and the assistance you gave to me, Margaret.” – C.W.

“Thank you so much for your support and fantastic training course. I was excited, to my surprise not nervous, about taking the exam this morning. I was prepared, thanks to Ned. If anything, I over-prepared when I consider the class time and self-study time I put in and the exam itself. I feel it all was time well spent because I am entering a field new to me. As a result of your program and my studying, I feel more than competent to start my new work. You are the best instructor, Ned!” – A.

“I passed both exams today. Title Producer General, 81% and Title Producer State, 95%. Thank you for such amazing course instruction!!! I am beyond excited moving into my new career!!!” – K.W.

“Your class more than prepares people for this exam.” – J.C.

“Just wanted to Thank you! I just passed BOTH portions of the exam with an 80% and 85%!!!! I seriously didn’t think I’d pass the first time around!! THANK YOU x100000!”  -J.K.

“I just wanted to let you know I PASSED the exam today, first attempt!! Thank you, Ned, for the fantastic course and instruction.” – S.S.

“I just passed the exam yesterday! Thank you for your very well-done training!” – J.P.

 “Thank you so very much for this course! I did put in the study time but I really appreciated the condensed exam prep course and the additional exams and quizzes. Thank you Thank you Thank you.”  – S. H.

“I would say that Ned simplified the course so I could understand the terms, concepts, and legalities.
There was also clarity in Ned’s teaching that helped me recall the concepts and principles when asked on the test. If you listen to his videos and read and re-read his manual, the answers will come to you. Breaking up the information into 4s and reading the manual. That is what helped me. The quizzes enforced what I read. Best regards” -C.E.

“I am happy to say that I passed the exam!! All thanks to Ned’s class!” –S.M.

“I’m happy to report that I just finished my examination and I passed both of the tests!
Also, I would like to THANK YOU for the great material that you put together, the very informative live classes, and the great customer services. I’m very happy with my accomplishment. Thanks again for your support!” -K.K.

“I wanted to report that I have just completed the state exam and passed.
I am so grateful for the course and to you for all of your extremely professional and well laid out material, and for the patience that you have had with all of us.
I feel so accomplished now. I am so thankful to you. Warm regards” –L.D.

“I could have not done this entire process without you! Thanks a million times over…”  -K.B.

“The Academy of Maryland Title Insurance was very easy to communicate with, super professional, very friendly, and very helpful with everything I needed to know in obtaining my MD License for Title Insurance Producer! I highly recommend them!” -Brandon Tarner, a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!

“I have now passed both parts of the licensing exam! I feel like after reading the study guides and especially the tips on how to answer multiple choice questions I did much better, and felt much more confident. Thank you both so, so much for this fabulous course you offer and all of the assistance you have provided!” -R.Y.

“Thank you guys so much for preparing me. I could not have done it without your class.” –R.M.

“I completed the prep course last night with Ned, and he did a SUPERB job with going over the test. His teaching skills were precise and dead-on, and for four hours I was engaged in the information that I have been trying so hard to obtain.  Good job! You’re simply the Best!” – C.E.

“The exam was exactly as you guys taught it!” –E.D.

“The teaching was phenomenal, and the anecdotes and clues/hints were very helpful.” –C.C.

“Your course prepared me well for success ?–D.S.

“I am happy to say that I have successfully passed the Maryland Title Exam! Thank you for offering this course that has greatly prepared me for this exam!
I initially registered for a course offered by a different company, but I realized that I still had challenges grasping the concepts.
I found the Academy of Maryland Title Insurance upon researching passing rates. Both Ned’s experience and realistic examples brought Title Insurance concepts to life, thereby helping me understand the concepts in a way that I could understand.” –C.B.

“Thank you so much. This is such a great course that you all offer.” –D.S.

“I’d like to thank you for helping to prepare me for the exam. I enjoyed the courses, the materials were very well prepared, and you were always amazingly helpful and responsive!” –L.H.

“Thanks for an incredible pre-licensing course.” –P.T.

“I took the Title exam this morning and passed both the general and state! I wanted to thank you for a great class that really prepared me to pass the test.” -AH

“I just walked out of the test center and I passed it on first attempt. I wanted to thank you for great guidance without which I could not have passed. I can certify if anyone can listen to your lectures carefully will pass this exam. All you mentioned in the lecture was on the test.
Also, the supplements were very helpful along with SOL table in the materials. Just cant stop being excited !!!!  Best wishes” –J.M.

“I loved your program and you are so kind/helpful when it comes to helping us pass the exam.” -AO

“The class is wonderful and easy to understand.” – J.L.

“Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you! The course was so informative and the option to also watch the recordings after the live course instruction has been invaluable!” –K.F.

“Many thanks!! I will definitely recommend your courses to others!” –L.L.

“I passed my exam. I could not have done it without you. I appreciate all of the hard work that you placed into teaching the class. I love the way that Ned teaches because he made everything seem so simple. 
Thank you so much for all you have done for me and everybody in the class. Everything that Ned discussed in the exam prep webinar was on the test and it made it so much easier although the test is a little tricky. It is necessarily hard but they word the questions tricky. I was glad I was prepared. I will refer everyone that I know who would like to obtain a TIPIC license to you and Ned.” –P.J.

“I’m loving the class! It’s absolutely great. Thank you!” –S.S.

“The test was not as difficult as I thought–so great preparation.” –J.C.

“Thank you so much!!! I appreciate much for your help and support. You make a great team and you guys are awesome!!!”  -J.M.

“This is phenomenally useful information!! I’m so happy I decided to take the course and become a licensed title producer! Thank you so much for running this supportive program!!” –C.G.

Thank you so much for the wonderful class. I passed the exam. You are a great instructor! You explained it so well that it was easy to understand. Also, I can’t thank you enough for the study supplements and bonus questions. It helped me to understand thoroughly before the exam. Now I’m ready to apply for the license.” –S.R.

“I would like to let you know that I have passed the exam!!! Thank you for providing the class and thank you to Ned for being an awesome instructor.” –B.B.

“You are the best and have been such a tremendous help!” –M.R.



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